Triple C Advisory (TCA) is an African women owned global gender and diversity firm that unlocks capital and catalyses change by delivering intersectional gender equality solutions. TCA demonstrates excellence, integrity, impact, and care - for people and planet when working with countries, companies, and communities (3Cs) towards the vision of a world where men and women work as equals towards the future we want.

Our Team


Dr Khetsiwe Dlamini

Executive Director & Senior Partner

'I align with the care/human element of Triple C Advisory. Because Triple C Advisory is extremely exceptional, well-organized, innovative, and creative.'


Edith Kemunto

Director & Business Research

"Our shared goals fuel my passion for the work and give every project a deep sense of purpose and enable me to contribute meaningfully to groundbreaking projects, fostering an environment where innovation thrives. Every day at TCA brings new opportunities for professional growth".


Michelle Green

Virtual Office Coordinator

“TCA truly embodies the value of growth and caring for society and the environment. The commitment to its principles resonates in every aspect of operations. I feel at home!”


Eddah Kimani

Project Associate

“I align with the sense of community and personal growth that TCA offers while working to provide a positive social impact.”


Esther Wanjiru

Project Associate

"TCA pushes boundaries. Every day is a unique opportunity to learn and grow while contributing to a more inclusive and equitable world. We break the glass ceiling."


Leonard Kipkirui

Data Analytics Expert

“TCA is home to me for two reasons. One, because we are a supportive team working virtually from home; and two, because the value of care is embedded internally within the team.”


Angela Mwangi

Graphic Designer & Creative Advisor

“Triple C is my creative playground, helping me grow and making each project an exciting journey!”


Nelly Gachanja

Social Media Specialist

"TCA is a joy because it fosters a vibrant community where creativity thrives and every voice is valued. The company's commitment to a harmonious work culture and cutting-edge projects ensures a fulfilling and inspiring professional journey. It's amazing to see young people changing the world."


Felix Kirui

Tech Associate

“I admire the visionary aspect of Triple C Advisory because it enhances our capacity to drive positive societal impact beyond the workplace.”


James Wafula

ICT Support


Siyamthanda Mabizela


“Triple C almost feels like a blank canvas in which we get the privilege to shape our own career paths - an opportunity very few get. I love the abundance of growth opportunities that exist in the firm and how considerate the firm is regarding work-life balance.”

Our Affiliates

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  • Florence Etta

    Nairobi, Kenya, & Lagos, Nigeria

    CEO & Principal Partner,GRAIDE International Development Evaluation Consulting

  • Seynabou Ba

    Dakar, Senegal

    Founder of ESG Africa 22 years international risk management

  • Deepak Adhikary

    Washington DC, USA

    CEO Frontline Development Solutions Virginia, USA. Principal Consultant & CEO Vienna, Virginia USA.

  • Colins Shepherd

    Johannesburg, SA & Ottawa, Canada

    CEO & Principal Partner,GRAIDE International Development Evaluation Consulting.

  • Loren Nadres

    New York City, USA

    Director of inclusive growth & strategic partnerships

  • Cecilia Bjerborn Murai

    Nairobi, Kenya & Stockholm, Sweden

    Managing director Alternative Prosperity.

Triple C Advisory is also affiliated with IIX in Singapore.

Our Story

Triple C Advisory (TCA) is an African women owned global gender and diversity firm founded in April 2020 during the COVID-19 epidemic to help countries, companies, and communities unlock human and financial capital while catalysing transformative change that contributes to equality. Gender and racial justice are central to our efforts to assist men and women in reaching their full potential and contributing to the creation of a more equitable world. Our team is multigenerational and diverse. We prioritise hiring young Africans who seek opportunities to develop the confidence, competence, and compassion today's leaders need to achieve Africa's goals.


Our vision is to become the preeminent African-based global advisory firm specialising in gender equality and other forms of diversity.


Our purpose is equality for all, not just in law, but also in life. We want everyone to live their rights.


We provide gender equality and other forms of diversity solutions that address intersecting forms of discrimination and disadvantage in ways that help companies, communities, and countries (3Cs) thrive.

Our Awards


MEA African Excellence Awards

Best Gender & Diversity Consultancy


Best Female Owned Gender Lens and Impact Advisory Firm- South Africa

Wealth & Finance International Management Consulting Awards Gender Mainstreaming Awards Africa Inclusive Leader finalist Gauteng.


Gender Mainstreaming awards

Awarded to Dr. Khetsiwe Dlamini Finalist group 1 Inclusive leader Gauteng

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